Upcoming events

 Board meetingti 27.10.20 17:00 @Etäkiltis
 To Heureka!to 29.10.20 14:20Ilmoittautuminen
 Board applicant panelto 5.11.20 16:00
 Yritysbrunssi / Corporate brunchti 10.11.20 14:00 @Your own sofa

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Welcome international students

Welcome to the page of the Committee of External Affairs of the Guild of Electrical Engineering! Here you can find information about our guild.

Come visit our guild room in Maarintie 8, at the far end of the TUAS Buildning. You are also most welcome to become a member.

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How to stay updated?

Mailing list:

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Join the International Facebook group for 2017-2018 here.


Join the International Telegram group for 2017-2018 here.


International Freshman Guide 2017-2018

The guide contains information about living studying and having a good time in Finland. Near the end of the guide you will also find a list of useful links.




Fuksipoints, overalls and teekkari cap

What is student life like in Finland? What are the unique cool things to experience? To find out we recommend collecting the fuksi points (freshman points) to your fuksi point card. It's fun! The point card gives you a guideline to experiencing the student life and allows you to get a diploma with the privilege to wear the teekkari cap. Note that internationals are also fuksis on their first year in Aalto even though they are not really freshmen. Even Finns who change to a different study program get to be a fuksi again.

Q: Who can sign my fuksi points?

A: AYY International Committee members (including SIK Master of External Affairs)

The teekkari cap is a white cap with a black tassel. It is the symbol of a teekkari and highly valued amongst us. Freshmen and internationals who complete their fuksi points get to put their new caps on during Wappu. Wappu is the biggest set of events of the student year. It begins in the last weeks of April and ends on the 1st of May.

The overalls are a special outfit that show which guild you belong to. They can be customized by sewing badges and attaching all kinds of items and decorations to them. In SIK we wear "clean white" overalls.


Sitsit? What are they?

Sitsit is an academic table party. They are hugely popular in Finnish universities. During a sitsit you will enjoy a three-course meal accompanied by a lot of singing and toasting. The sitsit originates from Sweden and Finland's swedish-speaking minority. There is a long history and many traditions in the sitsit culture.

Sitsit can be quite formal with dark suit and coctail dress or then they can be a bit less formal with a specific theme such as animal costumes. You can find some good examples in the SIK photo gallery.

A songleader/toastmaster ("lukkari" in Finnish) leads the singing at sitsit by giving speeches and speaking in possible performers. When the gong rings everyone should be quiet and stop eating to allow the songleaders to speak. It is said that a songleader is good at his/her job if the warm dishes are cold and the cold dishes warm when you get to eat them. There is some truth to this so never go to sitsit with an empty stomach.

Remember that you can always sign up for sitsit alcohol-free and should write any allergies etc. to the extra information. This is enough introduction for now. Learn the rest at the sitsit and meet some awesome people!