M.Sc. Thesis or summer internship position on intelligent robotic instruments


M.Sc. Thesis or summer internship position on intelligent robotic instruments

We are looking for a talented M.Sc. student to build instruments that can move miniature objects or droplets with sound, and program those instruments to be able to guide the objects in challenging environments, such as inside human body.  

The successful candidate will work in a highly international, dynamic, and pioneering research group, including multidisciplinary collaboration with researchers/professors in different departments of Aalto University as well as in other universities and internationally. 

The position on intelligent robotic instruments is opened for Robotic Instruments group (https://www.aalto.fi/department-of-electrical-engineering-and-automation/robotic-instruments) at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation in Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. The position is immediately available, or from summer 2020 May/June-August or agreed separately. The salary is based on the university salary scheme.

Requirements and details 

As a successful applicant, you should be highly motivated in experimental research and have a background in one or several of the following fields: robotics and automation, mechatronics, acoustics, machine learning, software development, micro-and nanosciences, applied physics, or related fields. The applicant is expected to be innovative, thinking out-of-box, multi-disciplinary, and hands-on. Previous experience in one or some of the following areas is appreciated but not necessary: 

  • Software design (e.g., C++/C#, LabVIEW, or Python)        
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Acoustic/mechatronic design and measurements
  • Signal processing
  • Microfabrication
  • Material and surface technology 

The position can start as either a summer internship or M.Sc. thesis worker. For the summer internship applicant, upon completion of the work and based on the quality of the applicant, the candidate can potentially continue as a M.Sc. thesis worker.

Please send your application at earliest convenience or by Sunday 23.02.2020: