Funded MSc. Thesis position as part of EU-ATTRACT project - Aalto


Visible light communication for indoor monitoring (VLADIMIR)1

1. Background

Lighting is present in most indoor areas. Apart from illumination, lighting infrastructure can be used for data communication using Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. VLC encodes the data into fast changes on the intensity of the LED light in transmission and, at the receiver, these intensity fluctuations are detected using a Photodiode. So far, the presence of opaque objects inside the room has been considered as a disadvantage for VLC, as they affect the intensity of the optical wireless signal that is received. Nevertheless, if the optical power that is scattered back on the different visible light wavelengths (or colours) is properly characterised, lighting can be also used for indoor monitoring purposes, eliminating the necessity of redundant sensing devices or surveillance video cameras.


2. Main objective of the MSc Thesis work

The aim of VLADIMIR project is to demonstrate the feasibility of implementing a monitoring system for indoor areas sensing the variations that the optical wireless channel experiences when a “target” event takes place. In line with this, this MSc Thesis will focus on the development of a software-defined VLC demonstrator that provides the Channel State Information (CSI) that is needed for this purpose.


3. Requirements and qualifications to be fulfilled by applicants

• Student of a Communications Engineering programme, or related field, in condition to start the MSc Thesis work at Aalto University in Fall 2019

• Good knowledge of C++ and/or Python, with experience in small- and medium-sized projects

• Good understanding on wireless signal processing concepts and related (low-level) technologies

• Experience with relevant Open Source projects (e.g., GNU Radio) will be appreciated.



4. Application procedure

Interested candidates should send a short version of their Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages) and the updated transcript of records to Dr. Mehmet Ilter (, with copy to Dr. Alexis Dowhuszko ( Application Deadline: 15th Sept. 2019, at 23:59 EET. Short-listed candidates will be contacted by e-mail for an interview during week 38 (16-20 Sept. 2019). The selected candidate is expected to start the MSc Thesis work on 1st Oct. 2019.



1 For further information, please visit