Doctoral student position – Three-Dimensional (3D) Integration of MEMS and Smart Systems - Aalto


We are looking for a doctoral candidate to develop 3D integrated miniaturized smart systems based on wafer stacking technologies. The work is related to projects addressing safe autonomous driving, heterogeneous integration of optical MEMS and silicon-based power solutions. With an innovative combination of wafer bonding, vertical vias and micro-connects, the goal is to develop a highly integrated, micro/nanofabrication based package platform to enable integration of wide variety of heterogeneous technologies including e.g. MEMS, BioMEMS, MOEMS and different IC technologies.



-          M.Sc. or equivalent degree in a suitable area (e.g. electrical engineering, micro/nanoelectronics, physics or materials science)
-          strong analytical and writing skills
-          experience or genuine interest on MEMS/NEMS and smart systems
-          basic knowledge in micro/nanofabrication processes and/or material characterization methods


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