SIK & AS Wappusitsit


Wappu is coming, are you already wearing overalls??


Yay!! You can start celebrating Wappu in Smökki 19.4. in the form of WAPPUSITSIT with AS and SIK! So put on your overalls and a funny hat and head over to the best sitsit in the whole month with other people already in their Wappu mood!!


And what’s more… the next morning there will be a WAPPUSILLIS!!


The sign up opens 1.4. at 00.00 in and closes on 15.4. so remember to sign up in time and to remind your friends also! The cocktail-event starts at 17.30 and the sitsit begin at 18.00. Right after the sitsit starts the afterparty at OK20 so grab your towel with you if you feel like sauna. The next morning the sillis starts at 12.00 in Rantasauna and continues to 18.00!


The price for both the sitsit and sillis is only 20 euros! If you want to participate only to the sitsit, the price is 15 euros and if you want to come only to the sillis, it’s 7 euros. (The sign up is still the same for all)




What: Wappusitsit + sillis

When: 19.4 (sitsit) and 20.4. (sillis)

Where: Sitsit at Smökki, sillis at Rantsu

Price: 20 euros for both sitsit and sillis, 15 euros for just sitsit, 7 euros for just sillis

DC: Overalls and a funny hat!!